Congratulations, Caleb, on an amazing life!
Rev. Caleb Elroy Shikles

"Love On Demand." Runtime 16:00

Note from the webmaster (Grandson John)

Caleb passed a week before his 95th birthday. While he began his ministry as a strict Baptist, the years softened his spiritual stance to an all-accepting faith of love. In fact he often called himself a "Baptist Budhist" or "A Jesus Man" as he felt current religious definitions did not define him.

It was such a joy to be able to share the internet with him and see him use it as I always dreamed the Web chould be used: making new friends across the sea, counseling far away people in pain, and sharing the miracle that is within us all.

During his final years, he and I spent many hours together doing a weekly podcast called, "Hug Nation."

This video is an attempt to bottle up his amazing energy digitally.

Whenever I need a jolt of "Love On Demand," I just hit "PLAY."

With endless Love,

-Grandson John

HugNation continues every Tuesday in his honor.




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Grandpa called himself the "Paparazzi Pastor." He loved to take and give away photos. Every week, I helped him upload his latest digital shots from his daily life.


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